Easigo+ Tablets Of 60 Tab

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The Ayurvedic Solution for Gentle and Effective Constipation Relief

Are you tired of struggling with constipation? Don’t let this common digestive problem hold you back any longer. Easigo Plus Tablets are here to provide you with a natural and safe solution to your constipation woes.

Constipation can occur due to various reasons such as erratic food habits, inadequate water consumption, poor digestion, and a low-fiber diet. Our busy lifestyles often contribute to these factors, making it essential to find a reliable remedy.

Unlike conventional laxatives that may be habit-forming and cause uncomfortable abdominal gripping, Easigo Plus Tablets offer a unique blend of all-natural ingredients that effectively alleviate constipation without any adverse effects.


Ingredient Scientific Name Quantity
Aragwadh Extract Classia fistula 125mg
Senna Extract Cassia Angustifolia 75mg
Yashtimadhu Powder Glycrrhiza Glabra 50mg
Ajwain Trachyspermum Ammi 10mg
Hing Ferula ass foetida 5mg
Excipients & Preservatives Q.S.


1) Aragwadh Extract: This herbal extract stimulates bowel movement, gently encouraging the natural flow of waste through your system.

2) Senna Extract: Known for its constipation-relieving properties, Senna extract helps restore regularity and promote healthy bowel movements.

3) Yastimadhu Powder: With its digestive disorder-treating abilities, Yastimadhu powder aids in soothing your digestive system, ensuring smooth and comfortable elimination.

4) Saindhav/Kala Namak: Provides the essential salts required to prevent gripping and colic caused due to loose stools.

5) Ajwain: The anti-spasmodic and carminative action of Ajwain helps to reduce abdominal pain and colic.

6) Hing: By r2educing bloating and addressing various stomach problems, Hing provides much-needed relief, allowing you to enjoy a healthy digestive system.

The unique combination of these natural ingredients in Easigo Plus Tablets not only relieves constipation but also improves digestion and enhances liver function.


1) Treats and Prevents Constipation: Say goodbye to irregular bowel movements and enjoy a regular and healthy digestive system with Easigo Plus Tablets.

2) Provides Effective Relief from Gastric and Acidity Problems: Constipation often leads to gastric and acidity issues. Easigo Plus Tablets help alleviate these problems, restoring balance to your digestive system.

3) Relieves Mild Colic Due to Constipation: Experience relief from the discomfort and pain caused by constipation-related colic, allowing you to live your life to the fullest.

4) Non-Habit Forming and Safe for Long-Term Use: Unlike many conventional laxatives, Easigo Plus Tablets are non-habit forming, making them suitable for extended use without any concerns.

Don’t let constipation hinder your well-being and productivity. Choose Easigo Plus Tablets, the all-natural, safe, and effective solution to constipation. Embrace a healthier digestive system and experience the relief you deserve.


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