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Gloderm Syrup

  • Gloderm Syrup is a combination of herbs that have Blood purifier and detoxifier activity that helps to maintain healthy skin.
  • Gloderm helps to effectively remove and prevent Acne/Pimples/Black heads
  • Gloderm helps to normalize pigment in the skin thus effective in both Hyper-pigmentation & Hypo-pigmentation.
  • Anti – Allergic and Anti -inflammatory activity of herbs like Neem (Azadirachtaindica), Daruharidra (Berberisaristata) and Manjistha (Rubiacordofolia) help in the management of Allergic & inflammatory derivatives.
Gloderm Cream Online in India
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25 GM

Gloderm cream is a effective combination of exotics herbs like Aloevera, Turmeric, Wheat germ, that enhance complexion. Zinc (Jasadbhasma) neem are known for then Anti acne properties Gloderm cream is available with excellent natural fragrance.

Ayurvedic Gloderm tablet online india
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60 TAB

Gloderm tablet is unique blend of

Manjistha, Sariva, Neem- Excellent Blood Purifier. Triphala, Aragvadha-Colon cleansers helps remove toxins. Haridra, Guduchi – Antiallergic & excellent skin tonics. Rakta chandan, Gulab, Usheer- help to eliminate excess heat.