Ayurvedic Medicine for Immunity – 4 Weeks Immunity Boosting Plan

Increase your immunity level and give your body the ability to fight against diseases with our immunity booster ayurvedic medicine. You can consume ayurvedic syrup for immunity or take the best immune booster tablets formulated by our ayurveda experts. For your convenience, we have well-packaged kwath granules, Guduchi tablets and Ashwagandha tablets for immunity that can quickly ordered online. 



Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

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Q.1) Do Ayurvedic medicines have any side–effects?

All Ayurvedic medicines are natural. They are very safe and do not have any side effects when medicines are used properly. Self-prescription is not recommended.

Q.2) Do Ayurvedic medicines work?

Ayurvedic treatments are highly effective in a wide range of conditions. An Ayurvedic medicine heals an individual on all levels of existence- body, mind, and soul.

Q.3) Can Ayurvedic medicine help improve my health?

Ayurvedic treatments as we all know is a natural process to cure, heal and improve the mental, physical and emotional condition of human beings.

Q.4) what is abhinav’s 4 Week immunity booster diet plan?

It is an immunity boosting diet plan designed by our senior nutritionists. The pack contains 60 Ashwagandha tablets, 20 Sachets Ayush kwath granules, 60 Imugen tablets, and exercise tips that will help you boost immunity.

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