Abhinav Health Care Products entered into the segment of Health care products by setting up its GMP certified manufacturing facility in the year 2003 in the outskirts of Mumbai. Through these years Abhinav has been continuously engaged to provide Innovative natural health care products. The company was founded by Technocrats involved in the manufacturing of Resins, Polymers, Rubbers, minerals etc. With a vast experience of industrial manufacturing the journey into manufacturing health care product was natural and fast.

“Innovation in Ayurveda” has always been our prime objective over these years where we follow ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and sticking to the basic principles of Ayurveda we apply modern scientific parameters/methods to evolve innovative health care products. “Abhinav Kwath Granules” and “Anuphala- Micro-processed & stabilized Triphala” have been our major innovations making the dosage forms of Kwath and powders easier for the consumers and doctors and enhancing the efficacy of the products.

Abhinav Healthcare office

Natural Herbal Products

High Quality, well researched and time tested Ayurvedic Herbal Products. Each Product is Bio-enhanced, micron m,ised and standardised to offer high efficacy, greater consistency and safety. Herbal Products for a wide range of Health Problems like Arthritis, Digestive Problems, Hair care & Skin care products, Memory enhancers, old age problems amongst other.

International Business

Abhinav Health care has been following the International standards of quality safety. For this reason our products are highly accepted by countries like USA and other African countries where we export on regular basis. Maintaining the WHO Quality standards for Heavy Metal levels and microbial levels make these products acceptable and recommendable in these countries.

GMP Certified Manufacturing Facility

All Products are manufactured at our GMP Certified manufacturing facility following the highest standards of quality, efficacy and safety. We also offer our spare capacity for third-party manufacturing, Contract manufacturing for merchant exporters and export houses.

Herbal Cosmetics

We also offer a wide range of Ayurvedic medicine online for Skin, Hair and Body care. The range include hair oil, Hair wash, Face cream, Gels, Lotion amongst other.

Manufacturing facility :

Abhinav’s state of an art- GMP certified manufacturing facility has capacity to manufacture and pack various dosage forms like Tablets, Capsules, Powders, Granules, Oils, Ointments, Liniments, Creams, lotions gels etc. A team of dedicated technical staff comprising of Doctors, Ayurveda experts, Pharmaceutical experts, Chemists and scientists look into the daily activities of production, product development, quality control and packing.

Details of Manufacturing Capacity

Sr. No Dosage form Capacity Per Month Packing options
1Tablets20 million/month Bulk, HDPE & PP containers, Blisters
2Capsules 5 million/month Bulk, HDPE containers, Blisters
3Powders 30 MT/month Bulk, HDPE & PP containers, Blisters
4Granules 30 MT/month Bulk, HDPE & PP containers, Blisters
5Syrups /Liquid oral 60 MT/month PET Bottles and HDPE Containers
6Oils and liniments 100 MT/Month Bulk, HDPE Jars, PET bottles
7Ointments, Creams, Lotions, gels 30 MT/Month Lami tubes, Seamless tubes, PET and HDPE bottles

All products manufactured by Abhinav pass through the international standards as prescribed by WHO for herbal products especially for Heavy metals, Microbial and pesticide levels. Products manufactured by us are exported to countries like USA, Russia, Middle east, Malaysia, Africa and Bangladesh. These exports are done both under our brand as well as on Private labels.

Abhinav health care also provides its spare capacity for manufacturing on both third party and Loan license basis. Some of our existing clients are :

Ayurvedic Medicine Manufacturing Equipments
Ayurvedic Medicine Manufacturing Machines