Varicose Vein Solution Var-Erase Tablet And Var-Erase Lotion

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Varicose veins are a very common problem affecting a large population. People who stand or sit for a long time like frequent travellers, office executives have a high chance of getting Varicose veins. Also post pregnancy, a large population of females gets varicose veins. This problem may start as a small thing like pain, cramps, itching in the legs and eventually the veins start getting visible and may look like a mesh. If left untreated these veins may easily rupture and thus cause non-healing ulcers. The legs also tend to become dark coloured.

The basic problem in varicose veins is that the veins in the legs are unable to carry the blood back to the heart due to the malfunctioning of their inner valves. Treatment of varicose veins includes blocking them with chemicals, laser treatment or surgical removal of the affected varicose veins. These treatments have their own limitations and are not satisfying.

Var-Erase Lotion, manufactured by Abhinav Health Care Products Pvt Ltd is a natural remedy that helps to treat and manage varicose veins right at the beginning. The easy to apply lotion formula makes it user friendly.



The active herbs in Var-Erase like Withenia somnifera, Sida cordifolia, Laccifer lacca, Asparagus racemosus, Mimosa pudica in Seasame oil base act :


  • To improve the strength of the smooth muscles and the valves of the veins thus improving their elasticity
  • To improve the blood circulation of the legs
  • To reduce swelling of the legs by their anti- inflammatory action
  • To bring back natural colour of the skin by enhancing pure blood circulation



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