Upsham Tablets ( For PMS Care)

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Are you tired of battling the discomfort and pain that often accompany your monthly cycle? Look no further, because Upsham is your 100% natural and safe ally in the fight against PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome).

we’ve crafted a potent formulation with one primary goal: to provide comprehensive PMS care and management. Our unique blend of natural ingredients is specially designed to target the specific challenges women face during menstruation.




Key Benefits of Upsham for PMS Care:

  1. Relief from Inflammation: Upsham helps reduce inflammation in the reproductive organs, alleviating pain and swelling that can disrupt your daily life during your period.
  2. Hormone and Neurotransmitter Balance: Our formula naturally regulates hormone and neurotransmitter function, helping you achieve a harmonious balance between physical and mental changes associated with menstruation.
  3. Uterine and Reproductive Organ Tone: Upsham enhances the tone of the uterus and other reproductive organs, contributing to overall reproductive health.
  4. Elevated Mood and Energy: Say goodbye to stress and low energy. Upsham can help elevate your mood, boost your energy levels, and enhance your stamina, so you can tackle your daily activities with confidence.
  5. Anti-Spasmodic Action: Upsham’s anti-spasmodic properties relax smooth muscles, providing much-needed relief from cramps and bloating, making your PMS symptoms more manageable.
  6. Diuretic Action: Upsham’s diuretic action prevents water retention, keeping you feeling lighter and more comfortable during your menstrual cycle.

1-2 tablets two times a day with warm water for  best results consume regularly for 3 cycles for long-term benefits


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