Pylend Combo –Natural Piles Solution(Pylend Cream 25gm,Pylend Tablets 60 Tabs)

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Ano-rectal problems, especially bleeding and non bleeding piles or hemorrhoids are one of the commonest problems affecting a large population. Faulty dietary habits, constipation, sedentary life style, alcohol consumption, pregnancy are some of the common causative factors that lead to these ano-rectal problems. If left untreated these can lead to severe blood loss, weakness, prolapse etc. Surgical intervention is required in such cases, which does not help much.



Pylend tablet offers a comprehensive treatment both internally as well as externally for complete treatment of Ano-rectal conditions like piles. Pylend tablets are useful in both bleeding and non-bleeding piles. Anti-inflammatory, Astringent, laxative, digestive action of Pylend tablets makes it highly effective in Piles. Local wound healing property, local astringent action, anti-inflammatory action of Pylend cream is highly useful in providing immediate relief in these ano-rectal conditions.




  • Helps in medical management of Piles, fissure, Fistula and other ano-rectal
  • Astringent action helps arrests bleeding – Nagkesar (Mesua ferrea)
  • Dual benefit of relieving constipation and improving digestion- the primary cause of ano-rectal problems – Senna and Bal Harde for constipation while Musta and Vidang for

Highly recommended post operatively for high success rate of surgery

 Suran (Amorphophallus campanulatus) is a proven herb for Piles management


Pylend Combo –Natural Piles Solution-

  • Pylend Cream 25gm
  • Pylend Tablets 60 Tabs


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