D-scale Lotion


  • D-Scale lotion is an excellent Anti-Psoriatic Micro-Emulsion lotion to deliver the goodness of active herbal components in herbs like Karanj, Bakuchi and Wrightia tinctoria oil. Better penetration, faster absorption of the active ingredients yields faster results. With the non-sticky base the compliance is excellent.


  • D-Scale Lotion effectively removes psoriatic scales and offers prolonged period of remission from episodes of psoriasis.


  • Bakuchi oil in D-Scale Lotion with its constituent “Psoralen” is a photoactive furocoumarin that binds to DNA when exposed to UV light to form photoproducts with pyrimidine base. This action inhibits DNA synthesis and causes decrease in cell proliferation and thus acts effectively in the management of Psoriasis.


  • Kumari (Aloe vera) and Yashtimadhu (Glycyrrhiza glabra) act as natural skin moisturizers and anti-inflammatory and protect the skin from damage and inflammation. These also act as anti-oxidants protecting the skin from degenerative changes.


  • D-Scale Lotion is prepared in Sesame oil and Coconut oil base which are 100% natural, without any synthetic chemicals and therefore safe for long term use.
  • D-Scale Lotion enhances local blood supply of the skin stimulating the Melanoblasts (pigment-forming cells). In Leukoderma, melanoblasts do not function properly and their stimulation by active ingredients of D-Scale leads them to form and exudate pigments, which gradually diffuse into the white leukodermic patches and help achieve normal skin colour.


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