A potent combination of Phytoestrogens that act Hormonal level to help regulate the menstrual cycle.

Astringent action, helps control excessive bleeding, thus treating Menorrhagia.

Uterine tonic, Helps to tone up the uterine muscles thus specially useful after pregnancy & in Menopausal age.



CYCLONAV is a effective combination of :

Ashoks, Lodhra, Dashmool : Well known uterine tonics & anti-inflammatory, help in reducing inflammatory conditions.

Shatavari, Kumari : Considered as best female tonics, offer sense of well being & prevent Pre Menstrual syndrome (PMS).

Dhataki Nagkesar : Astringent herbs, Prevent excessive bleeding, thus controls menorrhagia.


Each Coated Tablet contains :

Extracts :

Ashoka(Saraca indica)200 mg
Dashmool(Group of 10 herbs)100 mg
Kumari(Aloe vera)50 mg
Daruharidra(Berberis aristata)25 mg
Shatavari(Asparagus racemosus)25 mg
Lodhra(symplocus racemosus)25 mg
Musta(Cypersus rotundus)20 mg
Dhataki(Woodfordia fruticosa)20 mg
Nagkesar(Messua fera)10 mg


Menorrhagia, Metrorrhagia, Dysmenorrhoea, DUB, Uterine prolapsed & other uterine inflammatory conditions. or as directed by physician.


Tablet : 2 Tablets 2-3 times daily
Syrup : 20ml twice daily.
Recommended for a minimum period of 2 menstrual cycles. Or a directed by physican


Tablets : Bottle of 30/60 Tablets
Syrup : bottle of 200 ml.

60 capsules Price 150

500 capsules Price 1000


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