Benefits of Kwath (Kadha) in daily life

Ayurvedic kadha or kwath is an herbal decoction, widely used for a number of illnesses. Other Sanskrit names of kadha are Kashaya and Kashayam. These days, kwath is available in the form of kwath granules. Unlike bottles with kwath in the liquid form, the granules are more travel-friendly. You just need to add the granules to a cup of warm water and the kwath is ready for consumption.

Based on the illness, the herb used in the decoction varies for each kadha preparation. Mahasudarshan kwath, Mahamanjisthadi kwath, Bhunimbadi kwath, Dashmool kwath, Punarnavastak kwath, Varunadi kwath and Rasnasaptak kwath are some of the notable ayurvedic kadha formulations.

Here are some of the benefits of kwath in daily life:

  • Prevent fever and common infections

Consuming Mahasudarshan kwath can be the perfect ayurvedic remedy for treating the common cold, flu, etc. Mahasudarshan kwath strengthens your body’s defense mechanism by tackling microorganisms that cause infections.

  • Improve your skin

A kwath such as Mahamanjisthadi kwath has the ability to improve your skin by balancing skin pigmentation. It also helps to purify your blood and acts as a detoxifier. The kwath acts as an effective laxative for treating constipation. The Mahamanjisthadi kwath is useful for eye disorders too.

  • Treatment for bone, muscles and nerves

One of the ayurvedic kwath remedies that has proven highly effective for bones, nerves, muscles and other vital issues is the Dashmool kwath. With more than 10 medicinal herbs used in the decoction, Dashmool kwath is recommended for joint problems such as rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and so on.

Another kwath to treat muscles, bones and joints is Rasnasaptak kwath. Made using 7 herbs, Rasnasaptak kwath acts as an anti-inflammatory ayurvedic remedy with analgesic properties.



  • Heat related problems

If you need an ayurvedic kadha for heat related problems such as hyperacidity, headache, gastritis, nausea etc., Bhunimbadi kwath can be really effective. In Ayurveda, heat related issues are part of pitta dosha. Bhunimbadi kwath consists of Dhanyak, Bilva, and other vital ingredients to decrease heat in the body.

  • Renal and Hepatic Disorders

Taking care of the liver and kidneys is needed to maintain good health. But taking too many painkillers or actions such as drinking, drugs etc. can affect the normal functioning of these vital organs. There are many other causes of liver and kidney related health issues such as jaundice, poor digestion, loss of appetite etc.

In your efforts to maintain a healthy lifestyle, you can start having Punarvastak kwath granules which help in the protection of kidneys and liver.

  • Urinary Tract problems

Problems of the urinary tract such as stones, infections and inflammations can be very painful and uncomfortable. Varunadi kwath can be consumed to manage these problems. This ayurvedic kadha helps to reduce swelling and pain. It is utilized to remove stones or calculi in the urinary tract. It acts as an anti-spasmodic by removing spasms as well.

Abhinavayu, a reputed ayurvedic manufacturing company is offering the benefits of ayurvedic kadha in the form of granules. Kwath granules are easy to carry and easy to use. You can order ayurvedic medicine online. India’s ayurvedic remedies can be utilised anywhere in the world with well-packaged kwath granules for frequent travellers.


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