Are You Still Looking for Ways to Boost Your Immunity?


People have always been curious about improving their immune systems and whether it is actually possible. Your immune system is responsible for the wellbeing of your whole body. Once it fails you come under the spell of various diseases that can breach your weak immune system easily. Disease-causing organisms and pathogens keep attacking your immune system but some changes in your lifestyle and diet plan can strengthen it in a natural way. Imugen syrup/tablet by Abhinavayu is also a possible natural solution.

Different Ways of Boosting Immunity

  • Make Lifestyle Changes: Your lifestyle choices affect your immune system. The more balanced your lifestyle the better will be your immune system. You should choose a healthy diet for yourself that is filled with vitamins and other nutritious elements. Alcohol consumption should be done moderately. Regular exercise can keep your body in good shape. Get enough sleep so that your body does not get tired. Try to balance your stress. Maintain hygiene to stay away from germs. 
  • Give What Your Age Demands: Old people and children get infected with diseases more than the young people do. They need extra care and nutrition. Variety of foods can help them get the benefit of different nutritions from different foods. Apart from that, vitamin supplements can also help their immune system.
  • Maintain a Diet: Necessary nourishment for your body comes from food. Overeating can cause many deadly diseases and under-eating can cause malnutrition which is why you need a proper diet that suits your bodily needs and age. Fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds are rich in nutrients that can help your immune system. Salmon and olive oil have healthy fats and anti-inflammatory properties that can fight off diseases. Fermented foods like yogurt have probiotics that help you with a better immune response. Limit your intake of added sugars. You should also hydrate yourself properly for your overall health condition. For more information go to
  • Stay Stress Free: Emotional stress can sometimes harm your immune system. The diseases caused by stress are heart disease, upset stomach, hives, blood pressure, etc. Balanced emotions are as necessary as a balanced diet. Positive environment and positive thoughts can help you deal with stress. Meditation, exercise, yoga, etc. also help relieve stress.
  • Exercise: Physical activity like exercise can fight diseases like blood pressure. It can control your body weight. Exercise helps to boost your immune system naturally. For more information go to
  • Vitamin Supplements: Some vitamins like Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zinc, etc. can help your immune system. These should be taken as and when required by your body. There is no proven result but it can be useful sometimes.
  • Take Herbs: Herbal combinations like Imugen syrup/ tablet are effective immunity boosters. It can prevent the repeated infection of respiratory and GI systems. It has essential micronutrients that help the physical and mental development of children. Cough, tonsillitis, and recurrent cold can also be treated with it. It has no harmful side effects even if it is used for a long time. The immuno-modulator and antioxidant properties of this supplement enhance your immunity system. It helps the growth in children as it boosts digestion by promoting enzyme secretion. It has natural herbs like guduchi, gokshura, amalaki, shatavari, and shunthi.


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Key Takeaways

  • There is no permanent solution to enhance your immunity.
  • Exercise, proper diet, rest, herbs, hygiene and vitamin supplements can help you to strengthen your immune system.
  • Give nutrition to your body according to your age.
  • Try to manage your stress.
  • Exercise is a good way to boost your immune system.
  • Vitamin supplements like vitamin C, vitamin D, Zinc can help but they should be used as per requirement.
  • Herbal combinations like Imugen syrup/ tablet are effective immunity boosters.