Pyrigo Cap -Bottle Of 2X20 Cap

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Useful in Fever

Fever, also known as pyrexiaorfebrile response,is defined as having a temperature above the normal range due to an increase in the body’s temperature.  Fever can be caused by many medical conditions ranging from not serious to potentially serious ones. This includes viral, bacterial and parasitic infections such as common cold, urinary tract infections, malaria, Gastro-intestinal infections amongst others. There are other Non-infective causes of fever as well. While some fevers like Viral infections are self limiting some of them require management with the use of Anti-biotics.

Ayurvedic medicines have been found to be very effective in management of Fevers especially the ones which are viral or Parasitic ones. Pyrigo is a Herbo-mineral combination useful in these fevers :

  • Proven herbs and mineral preparations that act in fever due to malaria, viral infections and pyrexia of unknown origin (PUO)
  • Useful in Fever where anti-biotics are resistant
  • Immunity booster ingredients- Help in preventing secondary infections and recurrent attacks of fever and infections
  • Safe and natural- does not cause side effect and resistance


  • Parijat Patra – Extensively researched herb for its effect in cases of resistant malaria
  • Mahasudarshanchurna, GodantiBhasma – Helps bring down temperature and inflammation
  • Laxmi-vilas Ras, Tribhuvan Kirti Ras – Specially useful I Respiratory tract infections
  • Guduchi, AbhrakBhasma – Immunity booster, helps prevent recurrent attacks


Parijatpatra extract (Nyctanthesarbortristis) 100 mg
Godantibhasma (Generic preparation) 100 mg
Mahasudarshanchurna (Generic preparation) 100 mg
Gilow extract (Tinosporacordifolia) 50 mg
Abhrakbhasma (Generic preparation) 50 mg
Tankan bhasma (Generic preparation)  50 mg
Laxmivilasras (Generic preparation)  25 mg
Tribhuvan kirtiras (Generic preparation)  25 mg


Fever due to Malaria, Upper and Lower Respiratory tract infections, Viral infections, Common cold and Pyrexia of Unknown origin or as directed by the physician


1-2 Capsules twice daily


Bottle of 20 Capsules

2X20 CAP – 110rs.

300 CAP – 600rs.


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