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ARTHRONAV Plus Tablets


60 TAB

  • Reduces Pain & Inflammation of the Joints by Inhabiting COX enzymes & inflammatory mediators like 5-lipooxygenase and leukotriene B4 which prevents the migration of inflammation-producing cells to the inflamed joint.
  • Reduces pain by inhibiting Prostaglandin synthesis.
  • Decreases cartilage degradation by its Chondro-protective activity (Decreasing elevated levels of hyaluronidase & collagenase type 2 enzymes).
  • Suppresses the overactive immune system (Immunomodulatory activity) by Decreasing the activity of white blood cells and synthesis of primary antibodies in the inflammatory joints.
  • Possesses Anti-osteoprotic activity by preventing Calcuim dislocation from bone matrix.
  • Acts as an Anti-oxidant by reducing the production of free radical & thus reduce the wear & tear process in the joints.